Healthcare AI

Technology and AI:

As a leader in AI drug discovery, Cloud Pharmaceuticals is preparing to deploy Generative AI (GenAI) to drug discovery and development with a broad series of application modules. Operating under Cloud’s AI Executive, the modules cover a wide range of functions including target identification, lead optimization, compound synthesis, literature extraction, regulatory management, clinical trial design & management and other components of the drug development process.

Cloud is a participant in Nvidia’s biotechnology initiatives reflecting Nvidia’s leadership in AI silicon as well as a keen focus on the life science industry.

Cloud is building a Generative AI data center. This platform will be built using Nvidia’s latest technology (Blackwell GPUs and “NIM”), the most advanced hardware and software platform available for GenAI.

GenAI, whether for LLMs, chemistry or biology, has traditionally cost well in excess of $1billion to build and train each model. Also significant are the gigantic energy requirements in both training and operations. Cloud reduces this cost by orders of magnitude in 3 ways:
1. Novel sparse sampling convergence algorithms that improve efficiency.
2. Vertical applications that can be built rapidly on existing models.
3. Data center operations using low cost geothermal energy.
Initial models will be developed based research literature extraction, and data extraction from medical records. In addition, models will be developed for small molecule optimization, assessment of Pk and bioavailability, tox profiling, biomarker discovery, and target discovery. As the process continues, applications will be deployed for clinical trial design, clinical trial enrollment, clinical trial analytics, medical writing, and regulatory filings.

Cloud’s goals include the repurposing of at least 3,000 approved drugs to treat more than 20,000 indications with polypharmacy results.

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