Healthcare AI

Cloud Pharmaceuticals is an experienced leader in artificial intelligence-based drug discovery and development. The company is particularly focused on the application of Generative AI to pharmaceutical drug discovery and development ranging from target evaluation and molecule discovery through the completion of clinical studies.

We partner, and assist with molecule design, preclinical research, optimization, and evaluation, as well as clinical research planning, study design, and evaluation for novel drug compounds for a wide range of medical indications. Our customers operate in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical research markets serving the companies and institutions which they manage.

With a mantra of ‘AI everywhere”, we are focused on making extensive use of Generative AI to choose, discover, and develop novel therapies to transform the lives of patients. The comprehensive application of Generative AI to such programs will transform the cost, speed and success rate of drug development.

Cloud is engaged in building a unique, cost-effective data center focused on Generative AI model development and training. and is seeking partners and members to join us in this mission.
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