Healthcare AI

Management and Advisors
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Ed Addison, CEO

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Lawrence Husick, Esq., CIO

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Lyle Lohmeyer, CFO

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Martin Ogletree, Ph.D., Science Advisor

Outside Advisors
•Rob Armstrong, PhD
•Harold Garner, PHD
•David N. Beratan, PhD
•Michael Brennan, PhD
•Rob Hromas, MD, FACP
•Jeff Vaught, PhD
•Chris Viehbacher, PhD
•Kathy Kennedy, MBA

We’re hiring! We are looking for technical professionals with backgrounds in any of the following areas:

• Drug discovery
• Preclinical development
• Combinatorial chemistry
• Quantum Chemistry
• Protein design
• mRNA Design
• Genomics
• Systems biology
• Bioinformatics

• Machine Learning
• PyTorch and TensorFlow program development
• Generative AI
• High Performance Computing
• Python and C++ program development
• Web Interface Design
• Data Science

• Clinical Trial Management
• Medical Writing
• Electronic Medical Records
• Drug Repurposing
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